Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby names

Why you might ask am I writing about baby names?  That is simple...

When I was pregnant it was very important to me that my children have names that meant something.  I did not however want everyone and their brothers input.  What I'm talking about is the "what about...." or "I don't like that name..." or "That doesn't sound right, how 'bout...." or "You know that doesn't flow right with your last name." or "did you think about what those initials will spell?" and on and on and on.  Or even better... the look. You know the look that says "wow, you're really thinking of THAT name?!?"  Or how about the laugh followed by "oh... you were serious?!?"

You see I have friends that are currently going through this very problem now.  They aren't sure what they are going to name their daughter so they constantly get name ideas.  You gotta love when people through their two cents in.

So because we didn't tell anyone what we were going to name our sons before they were born we had the "two centers" throwing names in left and right.  Turns out everyone we knew had a different name for our kids before they were born.  They had to call them something because BD1 and BD2 were just not acceptable things to refer to our babies as.

With K, he was our first so people were overly helpful with him.  He ended up with several names.  My dad called him Ishkabible.  I don't know why and I'm pretty sure he made that name up.  Being a huge Bronco fan that I am the name Elway came up.  The Hubz uncle decided to throw out Magwheel.  Of course to be fair he pitched that idea to every baby that has been born in the family (even C).

With C my dad didn't really give him a name.  My mother called him Elam (the homage to the Broncos again).  The Hubz went out of town for a bit when I was nearing my due date with C and I warned him that if I had that baby before he got back I'd call him John Elway or Bono The Edge.  As you might guess another Bronco reference and even better a showing of my love for the best band ever... U2.  Turns out he made it back in plenty of time.  Just to throw people off I called him Seamus (which I really do Love!!!)  Seamus however got "the look" from a lot of people.  A friend of mine at work called him Aaron.

So you see... people come up with names for kids all the time even if the kids don't belong to 'em.

Names are important.  As a parent it's the first gift you give your child.  And hopefully, you've chosen correctly.  Sometimes you don't.  But more often then not, they grow into the name you pick.  What is also important, if it's not your kid... BUTT OUT!  If the parent asks for an idea and you share it but they don't take it... Fine, no biggie... have your own kid and use the name.  No biggie!  I guess my point is you're the one having the kid. You're the one that's going to be up all night.  You're the one - or more appropriately the kid - that has to live with your choice.  So make it.  Embrace it.  Love it.  And don't let others change your mind.  That's the beauty of being a parent.  That's one of the main reasons you get on this ride.

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