Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Talk...

It's been four years since K was a baby.  I find it hard now to remember certain things about that time.  It all passes so fast.  In fact, C is only 18 months old and I find things hard to remember about his growing achievments.

One thing that is currently happening is C's inability to talk.  I'm not sure he can't talk so much as wont.  I have a little caveman baby.  That's the best way to describe C's communication efforts.  Sure he knows some sign language, all of which he has altered to his own language, and he says "mamamama" and "dadadadada".  But the rest...

He did say one actual word the other day.  It was dinner time and he was eating something but didn't want what was currently being shoved in his mouth on the fork.  He looked at it and said "no" then pointed and said "ah" at his plate.  No more since...  he hasn't repeated it, he hasn't expanded his vocabulary either.  I'm not surprised his first word was "no".  Afterall, besides his name, that's the word that he hears most.  He is into everything and anything and is constantly being told no... even by his big brother.

Long story short... grunts and the occasional "uh-huh" are all I get.  And you know what... I'll take it!

One thing I do remember vividly about K's previous four years is him learning to talk.  Of course I don't recall exactly when he said his first word - apparently I didn't get an opportunity to write that in his baby book - but it was "tree".  I remember, how excited I was that he was finally talking.  How I couldn't wait for him to talk so I could hear what he had to say. Truth be told, I wish he had taken longer.

Don't get me wrong.  I love to listen to him.  He's so smart and he's funny.  He's clever and asks good questions like "mom, what's an ecosystem?" (at 3).  But my God... he's a Chatty Chester!  He never stops talking.  He runs his mouth almost the entire time he's awake.  I relish the times when he's watching a movie and he's actually quiet.  I love the times when he's alseep and I can hear myself think!  But on the other hand, I love the sound of his voice.

Do I want C to talk?  Absolutely!  Do I want him to talk tomorrow?  I could wait a bit.  I know what he wants and I understand him, and that's what is important.  I'm just not looking forward to competing Chatty Chesters!

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