Thursday, April 26, 2012

Every morning is a catch-22...

One of my most cherished routines of the day is my morning.  I should actually say, our morning. 

K, every morning you wake up and toddle into my room.  While I am often wishing that you'd go away and sleep a little longer (or at the very least stay in your room so I can keep sleeping!) you come in very quietly and climb into bed with me.  More often then not you will just lay there for a bit until you just can't contain yourself any more. 

Then as you poke me in the shoulder I hear you whisper... "Mom, I'm ready to watch cartoons now."

As I unbury my head from the pillow that is allowing me the false belief that it's still dark and I still have hours left to sleep, I see you only inches from my face smiling.  Your eyes twinkle.  It's all I can do not to wrap my arms around you and hug you tighly!

"Ok baby," I say and I sit up in bed looking for the remote. 

"I love you mommy!" you exclaim and wrap your arms around my neck.

I turn on Mickey Mouse and rebury my head under the pillow.  I have no illusions that I could possibly go back to sleep.  I realize that the noise from the TV could wake your brother and I pray that I have a little bit of quiet time left before that happens.  Fortunately, the volume is low enough he doesn't wake. 

You however, that's another story!  You laugh almost uncontrolably as Goofy or Donald does something you just find hysterical.  That, of course, makes me chuckle under my pillow.

I long for the days when I could stay up until midnight and sleep the next day until noon.  On the other hand, I would never trade our morning routine for anything.

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