Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Say HELLO! I'm bat shit crazy!

I started this blog a while ago.  As kind of a way to keep track of things I think that are important for my kids to know in the future.  A way for me to tell them things, just in case I'm not here to tell them later.  You never know what could happen to you tomorrow.  So I decided to reach out and say "HELLO!" to the world.

Will my blog be read? I dunno.  Will it matter to me if the only ones that ever read this are my kids? Yeah. I want this to be helpful to more then just my kids. I want this to be helpful to others as well. Will I tell my kids, family and friends I'm writing this? Not yet. I don't know how I'll do.  I'm not sure I'm going to keep this up. But then again, I just might. At that point I'll tell them.  For now, it's just me and the millions of people out there that read blogs. Or then again, back to the first question, maybe just me.

I don't get to write this blog every day.  I'm a busy mother of two toddlers and a pain in the butt dog and I have a husband I have to help along the way.  I love my family, my mother and father live near by, as do my in laws. My brother just moved home from Alaska. My whole family is here and it's incredible. I love them all. It makes my life fuller.

It seems to me, as I sit here late at night writing, that my life is pretty awesome. My kids are fantastic, even when they're driving me bat shit crazy. My husband loves me, doesn't cheat on me and provides for our family, even when he's driving me bat shit crazy. My parents and brother are alive and well... even when they too drive me bat shit crazy. It makes me wonder if there are perfect families out there.  I doubt it.  Those that think they are are full of crap!  No life is perfect. Awesome yes, but perfect no.

Are there things in life I would change? Sure, who wouldn't change things in their life for the better. But as I sit here tonight, my husband snoring peacefully on the couch beside me, I realize I love my life and I wouldn't change the choices I've made along the way for anything.  Those choices, good and bad, made me who I am. Those choices are the reason I have the husband I do and the kiddos I do.  Even though they make me bat shit crazy on a daily basis.  I just have to figure out how to clean up the guano and move to the next day... And shout "HELLO!" to the world!

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